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GreyLink Greywater Irrigation System

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The Flotender Greywater Filtration System has been designed to conform to a variety of different system configurations and uses. Engineered to be both structurally and mechanically strong, Flotender provides a durable and long lasting solution for both residential and commercial greywater reuse applications. Flotender utilizes ultra-fine 150 mesh filtration to ensure that regardless of the style or brand of drip irrigation system installed, Flotender provides more than adequate filtration to keep the system clog-free.
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What is Greywater?

Greywater (also spelled grey water, graywater, or gray water) is any non-industrial wastewater generated from sources such as sinks, washing machines, showers and bathtubs. Flotender™ considers these greywater sources to be viable sources for landscape irrigation and all Flotender greywater recycling systems are able to effectively filter water from these sources for reuse in drip irrigation.

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Flotender Greywater Systems

The Flotender Greywater System filters & pressurizes greywater to be reused in drip irrigation. Available in a variety of different sizes, Flotender Greywater Systems have been installed in both small residential to large commercial in many countries around the world.


Grey Water Systems


Interested in Storing Greywater or Combining with a Rainwater Harvesting System?

The Flotender Greywater System can be utilized in a number of different greywater recycling configurations. To view other commonly used greywater configurations see Greywater Recycling System Types >


Grey Water System

Greywater Reuse: The Path to Practical Water Conservation


The Problem

Worldwide people are being faced with dwindling water supplies. Over-consumption, suburban sprawl, an increase in urban population, and poor individual management all contribute to the shortage of water being experienced in both the developing and developed countries. There simply isn’t enough water available to allow for continued urban and suburban growth without reducing water waste and consumption.


The Reaction

Forced to invoke action to free up water sources, many municipalities implement water restrictions on homeowners in suburban areas. The first and most common form of water restriction is to landscape irrigation, which on average makes up 32% of residential water use (United States). This is a temporary solution at best, and although limited, water from the city grid is still being used for residential watering.


The Solution: Install a Greywater System

Our solution is simple. Reuse water from the shower, bathtub and washing machine to irrigate the landscape via ultra efficient drip irrigation. This provides a second use of water already being used, allowing you to irrigate year-round, while dramatically reducing the building's water consumption.

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Grey Water Usage Stats



How Much Water Does Each Greywater Fixture Produce?:


Reuse Laundry Water

Connect the washing machine to the Flotender™ Greywater System and recycle an average of 25 gallons of water per use for irrigation. The Flotender™ Greywater System removes the lint and debris from the washing machine greywater, and turns it into water suitable for landscape irrigation.

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Reuse Shower Water

Showers are the most abundant source of greywater in your home. At an average of 25 gallons per use, one shower per day could produce 9,125 gallons of greywater for use in the landscape with a greywater system.

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Reuse Bathtub Water

The average bathtub holds 50 gallons of water, which instead of draining to the sewer, could immediately be put to use as recycled water for irrigation with the Flotender greywater system.

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Reuse Sink Water

The typical non-kitchen sink produces .25 gallons of water per use. Although the amount of water a typical sink produces is insignificant when compared to the sources mentioned above, the frequency that sinks are used in a household or commercial building adds up when frequency of use is taken into account. Water produced from a kitchen sink is considered blackwater due to the often high bacteria load and should not be incorporated into a Flotender (or any other) Greywater System.

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