Best Price and Final Cost of a Rainwater Harvesting System

To determine the best price and final cost of a rainwater harvesting system you need to evaluate what you are getting in a rainwater harvesting system. Below we will address some questions you should be considering when choosing a rainwater harvesting system.

How much landscape watering are you getting out of your rainwater harvesting and irrigation system?

What if you put in a big tank and a big pump and you go through all the water you have collected in one week, and then you have to water with domestic water? What kind of return did you get on your investment? You need to evaluate both the collecting and the delivery of your water harvesting system. Rainwater harvesting is a process. Rainwater needs to be efficiently collected, stored and then carefully measured out between periods of rainfall. The delivery system of the rainwater to your plants is as important, if not more important, than the collection and storing of the rainwater.

How much maintenance is involved with a rainwater harvesting system?

Are the pump and the filters going to clog up every time you use it? If you use drip irrigation, is the filtering fine enough to keep the emitters from clogging up? How hard is it to service the filters or change the pump if it fails? What happens when the reservoir runs out of water? Does the pump automatically shut off?

How does the rainwater harvesting system function when there is too much rainwater?

In the winter when you don’t need to water, what does the rainwater harvesting system do with the rainwater? Does it just send it down the storm drain? Does it send it to a rain garden? Does it water plants under the eaves than don’t receive any rainfall? Does it water plants under big trees, or on top of mounds, that don’t get much water even during the rainy periods?

What is the final installed cost of the rainwater harvesting and irrigation system?

Whether you are installing the rainwater harvesting system yourself or contracting it out, how difficult is it going to be to install? Does the rainwater harvesting kit come with good instructions? Are you going to need machinery to dig a big pit for a big tank? How are you going to move a big tank into place? Do you have electrical power where you need it?

What is the return on your investment from your rainwater harvesting system?

Are you saving money on your water bill? Does your landscape look better because it is getting proper, consistent watering? Are you spending less time weeding because you are only watering the plants that you want? Do you feel better because you are watering with rainwater instead of drinking water?